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I will be downloading this at a later date for purposes. This is super cool. Good work!

Heya! LOVE these! Just to confirm... when we purchase the pack from this site, can we use it for commercial purposes as well? All other sites your packs are on are for "personal" use only...

Thanks! :)

Yup, I'd just ask for a credit is all.  The other sites have them slightly cheaper than they are here.


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Awesome, thanks! No probs! Credit you shall receive :)

Nice Pack! I love the art, but would like a slightly bigger resolution of the files. I'm thinking of using it as battler art for an RPG Maker game!


you know, that's a good point.  I should make a high resolution set available, I will do that soon!

Yay! The high res version could also be used for D&D Adventure pdfs and the like. Looking forward to it.


Hey, the full size versions are available!

Rejoicement! Thank you!

If we purchase these, are we able to mix and match parts with the other monsters/our own drawings for our game? Examples would be to cut and add wings, horns, tails, etc from one monster to another monster, or to a character we have made in order to increase monster diversity in our games? (With asset credits, for use in a game/visual novel, with the new monster/character art not for redistribution or sale, only being within our game).  You say in the terms we can modify and alter these, I just wanted to double check first. Thanks for the great monster assets! :)

Sure go for it!  Glad you like them!

Hello! Are they animated? Thank you!

not animated, sorry!

OK, thank you!