Galefire comic has a new badass cover and is now pay what you want

UPDATE 6/8/21 

Some news since this was posted -

1. More Slayde is on the way!  A graphic novel is in development (and by that I mean I'm drawing it right now), it will be roughly 70 pages full of badass and I even have a publisher for it!

2.  A 5E supplement is also in development! If you ever wanted to fly around on an airship in the world of Galefire swashbuckling monsters, well this book is for you!  It has a ton of art from yours truly gracing its pages, and a bunch of rules to make you a stylish, monster slaying badass.

3.  I am going to try and stream out making the panels for the comic!  Make sure you keep an eye on my twitter @galefire, or watch me over on twitch and youtube!

I have some monster creation up there already!

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