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With the Isometric Dungeon Designer CAVES EDITION, you can create a myriad of isometric cave dungeons for the needs of your isometric game. A dark cavern filled with ogres, a chilling ice cavern teeming with frost golems, or a volcanic passage to demonic realms. Drag the pieces into your favorite image-editing tool with robust layer support (I recommend photoshop), and start building!

Check out the ATLAS of all the pieces: floors, walls, and a variety of props and doodads

Compatible with: 

Isometric Dungeon Designer - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/isometric-dungeon-designer

Hellish Demons, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/hellish-demons-monster-pack

Metal Monsters, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/metal-monsters-monster-pack

Fantasy Beasts, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/fantasy-beasts-monster-pack

Sci-fi Foes, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/scifi-foes-monster-pack

Blood Suckers, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/blood-suckers-monster-pack


  • Commercial Use
  • No time or project use limitation
  • Can be altered and modified for use in project.
  • No redistribution of package, its contents, altered or derived versions.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GalefireRPG_cavesedition_doodads.zip 5 MB
GalefireRPG_cavesedition_floorsexteriors.zip 156 MB
GalefireRPG_cavesEdition_wallsdoors.zip 38 MB
cave-map1.jpg 2 MB
cave-map3.jpg 2 MB
cave-map5.jpg 2 MB

Download demo

cave-map2.jpg 2 MB
cave-map4.jpg 3 MB
cave-map6.jpg 1 MB


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Great monsters and tilesets. I love your style! Keep going!

I'm looking forward to seeing more.

thanks for the kind words!  you will see more soon!