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With the Isometric Dungeon Designer CYBERPUNK EDITION, you can create a variety of isometric cityscapes and building interiors for the needs of your isometric game. An abandoned alleyway filled with technorippers, a sprawling Megablok, or a derelict office building filled with your rival corp's data.

Drag the pieces into your favorite image-editing tool (I pull directly from the folder into Photoshop now) with robust layer support, and start building!

Check out the ATLAS of all the pieces: floors, walls, and a variety of props and doodads.  You can also download the included maps for free!

Also included is a copy of my book: Galefire, The Legendary Captain Slayde, Treasure Hunter and Monster Slayer Extraordinaire 01, so you can see where I come up with all these crazy map ideas!

Compatible with: 

Isometric Dungeon Designer, Outdoor Edition - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/isometric-dungeon-designer-outdoor-edition

Isometric Dungeon Designer - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/isometric-dungeon-designer

Hellish Demons, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/hellish-demons-monster-pack

Metal Monsters, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/metal-monsters-monster-pack

Fantasy Beasts, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/fantasy-beasts-monster-pack

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Blood Suckers, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/blood-suckers-monster-pack


  • Commercial Use
  • No time or project use limitation
  • Can be altered and modified for use in project.
  • No redistribution of package, its contents, altered or derived versions.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GalefireRPG_IDD_cyberpunk.zip 63 MB
galefire-TLCS-prologue.pdf 102 MB

Download demo

cyberpunk-magipunk_map1.jpg 13 MB
cyberpunk-magipunk_map2.jpg 8 MB
cyberpunk-magipunk_map3.jpg 12 MB


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How can i create a game through this?

What angle are these drawn at? I tried the included grid and my own iso grid, and the assets all seem to be off by about 1 degree.

Everything was drawn to the included grid, and it is all just sketched out/drawn by hand so I wasn't too specific about the grid angle, haha.  Sorry it doesn't seem to fit with your grid though! I've seen my assets used with the Epic Isometric stuff and it seems to look ok to me.

This looks like isometric, though I could be wrong.  It could be military projection.  For an example, here: Comparison of Isometric - Wikipedia