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Isometric Dungeon Designer, MEGA MAP PACK

This MEGA collection of maps was created with the Isometric Dungeon Designer tools (and photoshop), and now they can all be yours!

Maps range from Outdoor roads and small towns, to dark caves, to demonic fortresses.  This is all the creator made maps in one place!

This amazing pack also includes the Doodads in the base Isometric Dungeon Designer, and over 20 maps for you to modify yourself.  These BYO maps are ready to have doodads dropped right on them for whatever you'd like to do!

Compatible with: 

Isometric Dungeon Designer - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/isometric-dungeon-designer

Hellish Demons, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/hellish-demons-monster-pack

Metal Monsters, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/metal-monsters-monster-pack

Fantasy Beasts, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/fantasy-beasts-monster-pack

Sci-fi Foes, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/scifi-foes-monster-pack

Blood Suckers, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/blood-suckers-monster-pack


  • Commercial Use
  • No time or project use limitation
  • Can be altered and modified for use in project.
  • No redistribution of package, its contents, altered or derived versions.
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GenreRole Playing, Strategy
TagsBoard Game, Isometric, Tabletop, Tilemap, Tileset


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

arena_dynamiclighting_GalefireRPG.png 6 MB
arena_GalefireRPG.png 6 MB
GalefireRPG_CorbinsDungeon.zip 23 MB
GalefireRPG_Doodads_v1.zip 11 MB
GalefireRPG_Dungeonpack1_maps.zip 80 MB
GalefireRPG_dungeonpack4_outdoor.zip 31 MB
GalefireRPG_Hellforge_assets.zip 19 MB
GalefireRPG_loot-tower.zip 38 MB
GalefireRPG_pandemonium-tower.zip 22 MB
GalefireRPG-arena.jpg 2 MB
GalefireRPG-arena_buildyourown.jpg 2 MB
GalefireRPGMapPack2.zip 43 MB
Hero_Boss_tokens.zip 840 kB
infestedkeep.zip 31 MB


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bro take my heart

<span class="transSent highlight" <this="" is="" the="" finished="" product. <="" span="">Without map blocks, it is useless to buy them. </span> A very bad purchase 

these are just finished maps, what are map blocks?