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With GalefireRPG assets, you can create a myriad of fantasy, isometric dungeons for your game and fill them with all sorts of beasts and monsters!

This pack contains -

4 hero characters

4 monster characters

6 isometric sample maps (new Cyberpunk map added 9/30/20)

If you want to see where all these crazy ideas go/come from, check out my comic! - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/galefire-the-legendary-captain-slayde-ep01

Compatible with:
Isometric Dungeon Designer, Outdoor Edition - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/isometric-dungeon-designer-outdoor-edition

Isometric Dungeon Designer - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/isometric-dungeon-designer

Hellish Demons, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/hellish-demons-monster-pack

Metal Monsters, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/metal-monsters-monster-pack

Fantasy Beasts, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/fantasy-beasts-monster-pack

Sci-fi Foes, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/scifi-foes-monster-pack

Blood Suckers, Monster Pack - https://galefirerpg.itch.io/blood-suckers-monster-pack


  • Commercial Use
  • No time or project use limitation
  • Can be altered and modified for use in project.
  • No redistribution of package, its contents, altered or derived versions.


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

crimsontowers-battler_vampire1.png 60 kB
enslaver-hulk.png 189 kB
galefire-blackmetal.png 213 kB
GalefireRPG_bigbossroom_samplemap 2 MB
GalefireRPG_darktower_samplemap 2 MB
GalefireRPG_ruinedfortress_samplemap 2 MB
GalefireRPG_ruinsforestsplains_samplemap 7 MB
GalefireRPG_ruinsforestsplains_graveyard_samplemap 3 MB
hero-mage.png 62 kB
hero-ranger.png 68 kB
hero-warrior.png 105 kB
imp.png 106 kB
imperial-imperator-rt.png 89 kB
cyberpunk-magipunk_map1.jpg 13 MB


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Is credit required? I would happily credit you either way but I'm just wondering.

A credit would be nice! but not required

it looks like instead of including a tileset you included a jpeg screenshot of a sample map?  Not really useful as an isometric map since it doesn't have any layer data and has jpeg artifacts

Well, its 5 sample maps.  But yes, they are just samples to see what can be made with the map-making assets.  I will rename those files though, I think they were labeled that way when I was putting together the other sets.